Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Being Free

lets be free. and lets take photographs all day. while cruising in the streets of Paris.
why not?
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Monday, 10 October 2011

fall vibes part 4

Also, Allison's red dress at the end of Cry-Baby, and red and blue for 3D glasses.
These fall vibes inspired Rookie in September when I made the moodboard...
This is the (crappily made) moodboard I sent Petra for September, and she came up with all this brilliance! (More of the school spirit one at the link, these are just my absolute favorites.) (Which ended up being most of them.)
More of Petra's photos for Rookie are here. And, we change the background photo every day, and the September ones were also basically everything I've been babbling on about, all these vintage photos of weird after school clubs and chatty girls walking to class, and we posted all of those here.

Most of the real life fall vibes didn't get captured, which I am okay with, because you know what can be kind of nice? Not having to document/share/publish everything and letting some things just be really sweet private memories. It's all in my notebook, which of course is red.
From when I borrowed Miu Miu, with my Twin Peaks necklace and the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer.
These are from a day of Twizzlers and Crunch bars and listening to a 50s/60s girl groups mixtape and trying to find parts of our town that don't look like they exist now or here. My little button is a rainbow that says JESUS underneath, given to me by a true Catholic-raised teenager who now resents her father. Anaheed says I look a little stoned in this photo, so I can now add "on drugs" to my list of ways in which my face deceives people by telling them I am: angry, sad, cursing voodoo on them in my head while they are speaking.
And this is me being pensive, like our friend Joey here.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

fall vibes part 3

Freaks and Geeks would be impossible to screencap, since the nostalgic parts are basically anything that has their house, their school, or the outside in it? Mostly it's my own nostalgia. I saw both Tenenbaums and Freaks for the first times around the same time, and it was fall, and kind of like this, only I am not as cool as Bill: